Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition

Mission Statement



The Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition was formed from the Vision Statement of the Blue Ridge Mountain Communities Area Watershed Plan “Future of the Mountain: A Common Vision for the Jefferson County Blue Ridge Mountain Communities Area.” (appended)

The goals of the Coalition are:

  • monitoring, protecting, and restoring water quality in the Blue Ridge watershed of Jefferson County;


  • reducing nutrients and sediment in the Blue Ridge watershed of Jefferson County and ultimately in the Chesapeake Bay;
  • obtaining funds to achieve effective and long-term solutions;


  • educating citizens about the natural environment and how they can have a positive impact on our watershed and ultimately the quality of the Chesapeake Bay;
  • honoring the Common Vision and new concerns of the residents of the Blue Ridge communities of Jefferson County; and


  • preventing future necessity for public water or sewage systems by preserving and improving the current private water sources, wells, and septic systems along the Blue Ridge of Jefferson County.